Saturday, November 20, 2010

photo by Paul
Author Eric Wilson humbles me with his generous thoughts, once again. 
     The Clouds Roll Away made his "a few favorites" list for 2010.

     If you haven't heard of Eric Wilson, someday you will. His Jerusalem's Undead trilogy is grown both famous and infamous for turning vampire-mania on its blood-dripping head. Booklist described his work as "suspenseful . . . original."  
      Eric also wrote the NYTimes-bestselling novelization of "Fireproof," penning from truth; he's been married to the same woman for 20-plus years. 
     Best of all, the guy follows Jesus Christ with the passion of a first-century believer.
     I admire him.
     Last summer, I had the privilege of meeting him. We were signing books at A Cup of Cold Water (a sweet bookstore now resting in literary peace). During a break, Eric and I walked around the store, talking about family and the writing life. 
      But Eric kept glancing at the book shelves, his eyes like magnets finding metal. Every other sentence he reached over, pulled out a book, and asked, "Have you read this?"
     I would shake my head, invariably. In fact, I hadn't even heard of these books.
     "Oh, man," he'd say. "You've got to read this! It's about a guy who -- "
     I managed to sell some books that day, but I purchased far more. Eric's recommended stack proved worthy of every dollar and made me wonder if publishers shouldn't pay him a retainer. When Eric likes a book, I immediately want to read it -- partly because he doesn't like everything. 
     In fact, he's picky. 
     Which is another reason I'm humbled to make his list.
     So, just in time for Christmas, here is Eric Wilson's 2010 list of some favorites
     Enjoy, and prepare to become his fan.

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