Monday, January 16, 2012

Some moments on earth are so wonderful, they feel like glimpses of heaven.

For me, those moments revolve around people. Sharing time with them. Enjoying their great company. Laughing.

But that beyond-the-veil feeling also comes from nature. In particular snow. I can never thank God enough for letting me grow up in Alaska.

Yesterday, the Seattle area got enough to blanket the world in white. After sledding with the kids and baking good food, I strapped on my running shoes and took off.

I'm plotting the next Raleigh Harmon mystery, and there is no better way to dream and create inside my head than running. Especially in snow. There are so few distractions -- for the eyes and the ears. Normally I just listen to steps. Cold breath. The rare bird that sings through ice.

But yesterday I decided to listen to my own soundtrack, which I'm calling Winter Wonderland. Maybe someone can add a few ideas here.

Winter Snow   Chris Tomlinson featuring Audrey Assad
It's True   Sara Groves
Peaches and Diesel   Eric Clapton
100 Years   Five for Fighting
When It's All Said and Done   Robin Mark
Carol of the Bells   George Winston
Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring   Celtic Woman (although any version seems excellent)
Forgiven and Loved    Jeremy Needham
Song for a Winter's Night   Sarah McLaughlin (Maybe even better than Gordon Lightfoot's own)    
Galveston   Glenn Campbell (What can I say? I love this song)
These Days in an Open Book   Nanci Griffith
Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head   George Winston
 And finally
This Guy's in Love With You   Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass

If that last tune doesn't sense now, it will when The Stars Shine Bright comes out this summer.

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